Self-Employed Courier - Driver

Job Description

Same-day courier work is one of the most rewarding and demanding driving jobs available. JCA Couriers customers book deliveries with us at just a few minutes notice, and our drivers collect promptly and travel direct to the destination. You won’t get stuck on just one route – every day will be different – and you could find yourself travelling to literally anywhere in the country – locally, long distance and in London. We work closely together to maximise the number of deliveries you can make in a day – you’ll call in by mobile or, if you have a PDA, work can be sent directly to you. Often you’ll call in from one delivery to be routed straight to another collection – increasing your earnings as well as minimising your dead mileage.

The Hours

Same-day drivers: Unless you’re booked on a job in advance, you’ll need to be at the office by 9am, ready to collect and deliver to anywhere in the UK. You’ll make several deliveries on a typical day, and although there may be short breaks between jobs, expect to spend most of your time out on the road. Because our customers are making bookings all through the working day, you may well find that you’re collecting a parcel at 4pm to go to Bristol, or are in London at 6pm waiting to pick up goods from an exhibition. You won’t be certain what time you’ll finish, and you can expect to be out until 7or 8pm fairly often, and occasionally much later.

The Pay

Your earnings are based on the number and value of deliveries you make. Earnings average at between £400-£600 per week,with £500+ regularly earned once you’ve gained some experience (and if you’re prepared to work hard and consistently).There is no upper limit on what you can earn – it’s all down to your commitment and ability.

What does JCA need from me?

  • A full UK driving licence
  • A clean, recent vehicle.
  • A basic working knowledge of the local area, the main routes in and out of London, and major UK motorways.
  • The flexibility to cope with finishing late (same-day work).

Still Interested?

If you meet the above requirements, fill in your details below and submit to us. Please contact us if there are any points you want to discuss in more detail before applying.

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